Friday, October 17, 2008

my new strategy

Tell me if this is too evil.

TEACHERS! Tired of trying to catch all the students who talk in your class, especially those in the back who are not clever enough to talk sneakily but still cleaver enough to stop talking once the teacher starts writing names on the board? Then try


That's right folks! Mr. Rose has developed a prototype (patent pending) method of catching those pesky talkers off guard. Simply hand the ticket to talkative students when they are acting up, and PRESTO! results. The tickets also work for students who talk back in class, raise their hand and ask their question at the same time, tell other students to shut up, ask questions without raising their hands, yell corrections to students who are messing up on something, even when the teacher is working with that student, or students who simply won't do the work.

This way the student can sentence without having to run across the room to the chalkboard. You save time and energy. Isn't that great?

So don't delay. ACT NOW!!!!

only $40, 283.32, plus shipping. Order 5 or more sets, and shipping is ON US!!

The actual breakdown of my penalties is listed on my schoolnotes page ( Look for my name with the zipcode 20747.

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